We are a diverse group of young and old, from many nationalities, active duty Marines and retired vets, families and singles, first-time church goers and those who’ve been at this for a long time.

Consistent Leadership

Our Senior Pastors, Chris and Miriam Phillips, have faithfully lead River of Life Church since 1992.


Remembering and Forgetting

The Power to Move Forward in Life Psalm 103:12 NKJV, Hebrews 8:12 NKJV Although God could bring up our past failures and mistakes, He won’t. And even though it is human nature to remember the failures and shortcoming of others, God calls us to be like Him and forget them. As we learn to forget the things that should be forgotten and remember the things that should be remembered we will discover a new power to move forward in life.

Don’t Miss The Point Part 2

Discerning God’s Purpose James 1:2-4 AMP This message continues the series with a focus on discerning the point behind testing, discipline and the local church. Gaining a biblical perspective on these topics will help you walk in greater maturity and blessing in your spiritual life.

God Is in Control

Having Confidence in a Confusing World Habakkuk 2:1-3 NKJV When the prophet Habakkuk surveyed the world he was living in, he was prompted to ask God some questions. Then, he waited to see how God would respond. Discover how you can have confidence in the goodness of God and hear His voice amidst the chaos and confusion of everyday life in this message.


Our focus is on changing lives and destinies of individuals, cities, and nations through the power of the Gospel by connecting people with the Lord Jesus Christ. Listen to the stories of people whose lives have been changed by the Gospel!