Sermons from May 2018

Sermons from May 2018

How To Stay On Course Part 2

God’s Guidance Systems Isaiah 53:6 NKJV The iniquity drive in a person constantly works to twist us or pull us off course. Thankfully, God has given us tools to stay on course: our conscience, the word of God, prayer, and shepherds. The Local Church also provides opportunities for us to do what God has called us to do and to serve. God also gives us friends who can pray for us or stand with us or encourage us to live…

On Track

Learning How to Follow God’s Track for Your Life Ephesians 2:10 AMP Like trains, we are all following certain tracks to their destinations in life. It can be an education track, or a promotion track, or even the path we follow into eternity. Any track that we are on other than the one God has set for us is a side-track, a false-track, or a back-track. Discover what the track is, how to follow it and what to do if…

How To Stay On Course

Leveraging God’s Guidance Systems for Success Isaiah 53:6 NKJV God has provided guidance systems to us so that if we follow them we will walk in our purpose and His destiny for our lives. In this message, discover some of the guidance systems that God has given to us and how you can maintain and follow these systems as you learn to stay on the course that God has laid out for you.

What It Means to Be Destined

Empowered for the Impossible Romans 8:28-32 TPT It is impossible to fulfill our destiny without God’s grace and His help. The Holy Spirit has come to empower us to fulfill our purpose, but some people still miss what God has for them. Discover the real enemy of purpose and how we can receive the power we need to accomplish God’s perfect will for our lives.

Make Room for a Miracle

Opening the Door for God to Move 2 Kings 4:10-17 NKJV God is good and gives good gifts to His children. Faith makes room for God to move in our lives. Open the door for God in your life and make room for a miracle today.


This Is the Year of Restoration Acts 3:21, John 10:10 KJV the biblical definition of restoration is to “receive back more than what was originally lost” and god is interested in bringing about an overflow into our lives. the devil has been active and lurking like a thief to steal, kill and destroy. discover how this year can be your year of restoration in jesus’ name.

Don’t Worry, God’s Got Your Back

Reframing Pressure and Moving Forward Matthew 6:25-34 NIV Many of the things that we often worry about are not even real and many of those things which are real we have no control over. Discover how you can overcome worry and anxiety through reframing pressure, moving forward and trusting God.