Sermons on Spiritual Warfare

Sermons on Spiritual Warfare

A Key for 2018

What Comes Next 1 Samuel 17:23-30 NIV Walking by faith means that we have a confidence in God. In this encouraging message, learn insights from King David into living victoriously by faith and looking toward God’s reward for your life.

Victory Through Sacrifice

Great Victory Often Follows Great Cost Genesis 22:1-19 NKJV The Bible declares that believers are meant to be overcomers. But the price of victory is sacrifice. Discover the power of this principle in the life of Abraham and Jesus and what this means for your life.

Mind Games

Developing a Strong Mind Agains the Devil’s Attacks 2 Timothy 1:7 AMP God gave us a strong mind so that we could hold on to His promises. Our declaration of trust infuriates the devil and endears us to God. As a result, the devil seeks to attack us in our mind through changing circumstances and evil imaginations. The word of God keeps us braced against the pressure that the world, the flesh and the devil put upon us. God gives…

A Militant Spirit

Fighting the Good Fight of Faith 2 Corinthians 10:3-6 NKJV Sometimes it seems as if believers may be weak and unable, but the truth is that spiritually we are powerful and capable. We are encouraged in Scripture to fight the good fight of faith and God has provided us with spiritual weapons like prophetic words, prayer and the Scriptures to do so. Armed with these weapons, even the weakest believer should be able to put the enemy to flight. It…