Sermons on Power of God

Sermons on Power of God

What It Means to Be Destined

Empowered for the Impossible Romans 8:28-32 TPT It is impossible to fulfill our destiny without God’s grace and His help. The Holy Spirit has come to empower us to fulfill our purpose, but some people still miss what God has for them. Discover the real enemy of purpose and how we can receive the power we need to accomplish God’s perfect will for our lives.

At the Seventh Hour

When God Moves In Your Circumstances With Divine Life John 4:46-54 NKJV The Apostle John wrote his gospel with the purpose of revealing the Giver and nature of divine life. In the story of the healing of the nobleman’s son, discover how faith grows and how you can see the life of God flow into your circumstances.

Plugged In

Connecting to the Power of God Isaiah 40:27-31 MSG As we pursue our God given purpose and the life of faith there may be many reasons to complain. We will face many circumstances and problems and if we have the wrong perspective we will be full of questions and tempted to complain or even blame God for our plight. God has made many promises and offers His power to His people. We simply need to remain connected to Him and…