Sermons on God

Sermons on God

Alpha and Omega

First and Last Isaiah 41:4 NLT, Revelation 21:6-8 AMP Jesus is both the Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last. Discover more about the preeminence of Christ and what that means for your life.

Living Water

Experiencing the Holy Spirit John 7:37-39 AMP Jesus stood up in the midst of a crowd and made a powerful statement about when the Holy Spirit would come and His impact on our lives. As believers, we need to be filled before we can pour out. All Christians need the life that flows from God. Discover how you can receive and what conditions are necessary for you to receive the living water Jesus promised to His people.

God, the Holy Spirit

Exploring the Nature of the Holy Spirit Is the Holy Spirit a person or an impersonal force? Is the Holy Spirit God or is the Holy Spirit something sent from God? Find the answers to these questions and more in this message about the Holy Spirit.