Sermons on Direction

Sermons on Direction

Destiny; Yada, Yada, Yada

Recognizing the Path to Your Destiny Romans 8:28-32 TPT, Psalm 1:1-6 NKJV God knew all about us before we were born and he destined us from the beginning to share the likeness of his Son. He desires to bring us into the joy of our destiny but we need to lean into Him and follow Him to get there. Grace is not given for us to continue on our own path but so that we can truly embrace and walk…

On Track

Learning How to Follow God’s Track for Your Life Ephesians 2:10 AMP Like trains, we are all following certain tracks to their destinations in life. It can be an education track, or a promotion track, or even the path we follow into eternity. Any track that we are on other than the one God has set for us is a side-track, a false-track, or a back-track. Discover what the track is, how to follow it and what to do if…

How To Stay On Course

Leveraging God’s Guidance Systems for Success Isaiah 53:6 NKJV God has provided guidance systems to us so that if we follow them we will walk in our purpose and His destiny for our lives. In this message, discover some of the guidance systems that God has given to us and how you can maintain and follow these systems as you learn to stay on the course that God has laid out for you.

On Course or Off Course

The Tools You Need to Stay on Course Proverbs 14:12, Proverbs 4:18-19 TPT God has a path that He has laid out for you. That path leads to your purpose which is good and perfect and acceptable in God’s will. If you are going to reach the finish line, there are some things you’ll need to have along the journey. Discover the tools you need so that you can finish the race and stay on course as you pursue God’s…


Guessing Won’t Get You There A pointer can be a sign or advice given to you in order to direct you in a certain way. As you pursue your God given purpose, simply guessing won’t get you where you are supposed to God. There are some pointers in our lives like parents, peers and passions but these things are limited in their ability to connect you with God’s best for your life. So what does God provide to point us…


What Direction Are You Taking in Life? Isaiah 50:7 NLT, Luke 9:51 NKJV The direction that you are pointed in will determine the direction in which you will go. God is leading and directing us to the place where He has appointed for us but we often turn back and head for the familiar. Discover how to realign your focus and get pointed in the direction of God’s purpose for your life in this timely message.

What Do You See?

Looking Ahead Toward God’s Plan for Your Life Jeremiah 1:11-12 NASB When God called Jeremiah, He asked him an important question, “What do you see?” Likewise, God has a calling for you. Discover how to avoid looking back, assess and deal with the things ahead and the importance of looking up if you want to find your purpose and fulfill your calling.


A Word for 2016 Genesis 45:1-11 KJV This is a prophetic message about what God is doing in 2016. This year, God wants to do three things in your life: cause you to enter into divine rest, receive an infusion of power and experience an acceleration. Let this prophetic word encourage your faith as you move into God’s purposes over the coming year.

Saying the Course

The words we speak determine the course of our lives. Everything that happens in the kingdom of God happens on the basis of the word. God spoke the world into existence. Therefore, it is important that we learn to speak faith understanding that the tongue has the potential to steer our lives and direct our future. Discover the power of the tongue, including the traps and pitfalls, and learn how to leverage that power to walk in your purpose.

Staying the Course

Keeping on Track 2 Timothy 4:6-8 NKJV It doesn’t do us any good to set the course and start going down it but then turning aside. The end is the same as if you never started going down the right course. Learn what it takes to stay the course and run the race until you reach the finish line. Discover some simple, essential, steps that you can take in order to stay the course and experience the thrill of a…
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