Sermons by Pastor Tim Bagwell

Sermons by Pastor Tim Bagwell


This Is the Year of Restoration Acts 3:21, John 10:10 KJV the biblical definition of restoration is to “receive back more than what was originally lost” and god is interested in bringing about an overflow into our lives. the devil has been active and lurking like a thief to steal, kill and destroy. discover how this year can be your year of restoration in jesus’ name.

Arise, Shout and Pursue

Run Devil Run 1 Samuel 17:51-54 KJV; Exodus 23:20-27 KJV God has anointed you to walk in victory and pursue the enemy. You are not supposed to have your back turned to the devil but instead, he is supposed to have his back turned to you. This is the season where God’s people need to stand up and stand out and stop hiding. It is time for us to Arise, Shout and Pursue!

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The Commanded Blessing Genesis 1:1-3 KJV Every blessing that is connected for your future is connected to your “God said” – the prophetic declaration of God over your life. Discover how God has commanded His blessing for your life and cause you to walk in strength and victory.

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More, In the Wilderness Joshua 17:14-18 KJV The blessing of God doesn’t always come from the easy places. Discover how God can bring you double for your trouble and bless you even in the places that seem hard, chaotic and crazy.

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This Is the Year of More Genesis 22:17 KJV In the blessing of God there are blessings that come to establish that blessing. Discover how this year is a year of multiplied blessings and how God watches over the prophetic blessing to see it come to pass in your life.


A Word for 2016 Genesis 45:1-11 KJV This is a prophetic message about what God is doing in 2016. This year, God wants to do three things in your life: cause you to enter into divine rest, receive an infusion of power and experience an acceleration. Let this prophetic word encourage your faith as you move into God’s purposes over the coming year.