Sermons by Pastor Chris Phillips (Page 3)

Sermons by Pastor Chris Phillips (Page 3)

Self-Defense part 3

Guarding Your Heart Is Critical Proverbs 4:23 NLT An unguarded heart leads to an out-of-control life. God has given us the authority to stop the enemy from accessing our hearts and we need to learn to use it. Follow Jesus’ example, and those of the apostles, in learning how to defend your heart from the enemies of your soul in this message by Pastor Chris Phillips.

Self-Defense part 2

Working With the Resources God Has Given 2 Kings 20:12-17 AMP There are ways that God will move to defend us from evil and keep us from all kinds of things. But there are also things that God calls upon us to do, and weapons He gives us, so that we can practice self-defense. Our health, family, mind, heart, faith, etc. are worth defending. God calls us to rise up with courage and defend these things. Using insights from King…

Peace and Wholeness

Healing for the Oppressed Acts 10:36-38 NKJV Jesus came to defeat the works of the enemy and deliver us from the power of the devil so that we might come under the dominion of the kingdom of God. There are many people who struggle with a lack of wholeness and therefore also have a lack of peace in their lives. Jesus came with a word of peace to bring freedom from oppression and wholeness to the individual. Discover how Jesus…


Responding to Resistance Against God’s Will Nehemiah 4:7-23 NKJV Nehemiah was a godly leader who performed a miraculous feat – even while a servant to a foreign king he was able to organize the rebuilding of Jerusalem’s walls within 52 days. Like Nehemiah, we have an assignment from God that we have to work to fulfill. Initially, there was a point where Nehemiah was protected and covered, but as he began to experience success, resistance began to surface. At that…

Quick! Say, “Yes!”

Ensure Your Place at the Table Luke 14:16-24 NKJV God loves people and has called everyone to join Him. Despite the fact that God invites everyone, it is only those who respond quickly to His invitation that will enjoy a place at His table. In this parable given by Jesus we can learn important truths so that we may understanding what God is saying to us and then quickly respond to His will.


Moving Forward Into God’s Purposes 2 Peter 3:10-12a NLT Responding to God quickly when He issues a command is an essential part of living in His purpose and blessing. There are four things that promote acceleration in the Kingdom and if you learn to recognize and partner with them you will see God’s hand move powerfully in your life and in the world. Discover in this message how to partner with God’s plan for your life and impact the world…

Choose Joy

Strength for the Overcomer Proverbs 17:22 TPT Joy is a powerful defense against despair and depression. Joy is something that should flow from every Christian’s life. It is the strength of God operating within us and empowering us in the face of every challenge. Discover how you can walk in joy and have strength to overcome.

Gum Control

Setting in Motion the Things of Life Proverbs 18:21 AMP Life and death flows from the power of our tongue. If we only focus on the negative side of this truth, we will miss the power that God has given us with our tongue. God’s word is His love letter to us and in it we can discover His plan, purpose and love for us. These words are words of blessing and life. We are called to follow His example…