The Abundant Life

The Abundant Life

The Abundant Life part 3

What Does Abundant Life Mean? John 10:10 AMP It is God’s will that we have an overflowing abundant life, yet many of us are experiencing something less than that. The abundant life deals with body, soul and spirit and God works within the seasons of our lives to produce something good. Yet there is danger when we limit the abundance of God to only one aspect of life instead of understanding it according to the whole counsel of God. Discover…

Processing Life

Discovering God’s Way of Handling Life’s Challenges We can’t always control what happens to us in life but we can control how we process what happens. The difference between overcoming in life and being overcome by it is often determined by how we process our experiences. In this message, discover helpful ways that can empower you to evaluate and process life God’s way. As you learn to do so, you will begin to experience more victory and success in life.

The Abundant Life part 2

God’s Desire for Our Abundance Requires a Response Hebrews 4:2 AMP Jesus declared that God intends for His people to have an abundant life. This is a promise that requires faith and obedience if we are going to possess it. Discover simple ways we can position ourselves to receive the good things that God has prepared for us.