Military Connections

Military Connections


River of Life Church has been established in a military community and many of our members serve this nation in the armed forces. We have established an outreach ministry to serve the deployed and the spouses and children at home.  Our goal is to provide spiritual encouragement and emotional support for deployed military members and their families.


  1. We usually meet bi-weekly to fellowship and pray for our deployed servicemen.
  2. We send CDs  of our messages out once a month.
  3. We send regular correspondence to our deployed servicemen.
  4. We send care packages with various goodies and publications once a month.
  5. We make regular contact with the spouses at home during the deployment.
  6. We have a “Mom’s Night Out” events where we provide childcare for an evening so that mothers can have some time for themselves.
  7. We are a part of the Welcome Aboard Program through the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce.

This ministry is in place so that we can meet the needs of our servicemen through prayer, support, and encouragement for both military members and their families as they work to preserve freedom throughout the world.