Sermon Archive (Page 32)

Sermon Archive (Page 32)

God, the Holy Spirit

Exploring the Nature of the Holy Spirit Is the Holy Spirit a person or an impersonal force? Is the Holy Spirit God or is the Holy Spirit something sent from God? Find the answers to these questions and more in this message about the Holy Spirit.

Conviction or Condemnation

There is a difference between conviction and condemnation. One produces hope while the other produces hopelessness. One comes from God and the other originates from the devil. Discover how you can walk in hope and be free from condemnation as you respond to the conviction of God.

Saying the Course

The words we speak determine the course of our lives. Everything that happens in the kingdom of God happens on the basis of the word. God spoke the world into existence. Therefore, it is important that we learn to speak faith understanding that the tongue has the potential to steer our lives and direct our future. Discover the power of the tongue, including the traps and pitfalls, and learn how to leverage that power to walk in your purpose.

Staying the Course

Keeping on Track 2 Timothy 4:6-8 NKJV It doesn’t do us any good to set the course and start going down it but then turning aside. The end is the same as if you never started going down the right course. Learn what it takes to stay the course and run the race until you reach the finish line. Discover some simple, essential, steps that you can take in order to stay the course and experience the thrill of a…

There Is a Purpose

There is a difference between a plan and a purpose. God created each of us for a specific purpose and to run a particular race. Discover how God’s thoughts toward you are good, in order to lead you into a future and a hope.

Changing Course

Avoiding Loss Acts 27:5-13, 15-25 As you make the journey of faith, there will be times when you may need to change course. God is faithful to warn you before you step out on a course of action that may be detrimental to you and keep you from fulfilling God’s plan in your life. Learn more about how to hear God and avoid loss and the importance of changing course in life, especially when you get off track.

The Edge of Faith

Practices to Posses God’s Promises Joshua 3:1-17 NLT There are great and precious promises that God has for us. He purchased us from bondage to sin through the blood of Jesus Christ our passover Lamb. Just as He brought the children of Israel out of Egypt and into the Promised Land, He wants to bring us our of the world and into His kingdom. In the record of Joshua leading the people from the wilderness and across the flooding Jordan…