God Is in Control

Having Confidence in a Confusing World Habakkuk 2:1-3 NKJV When the prophet Habakkuk surveyed the world he was living in, he was prompted to ask God some questions. Then, he waited to see how God would respond. Discover how you can have confidence in the goodness of God and hear His voice amidst the chaos and confusion of everyday life in this message.

Love Like God

Learning to Live in God’s Love 1 Corinthians 13:13 NKJV Although there are many ways the word love is used, the Bible defines and God reveals the true nature of love. As followers of Jesus, we are commanded to walk in love and Jesus did not only tell us how to love, but He showed us how to love. Discover what love looks like and how you can walk in love as you follow God.

Who Do You Say He Is?

Who He Is Should Change How You Live Mark 8:27-33 NKJV Who is Jesus to you and how has that changed the way you live? One of the promises of Scripture is that when you enter into salvation, your life is changed. Discover the importance of presenting yourself to God and how doing so transforms your life.

Don’t Miss the Point Part 1

God Is Working Something Great in Your Life Luke 9:51-56 NKJV What is the point of life? There are many things that we might answer but the greatest answer of all may surprise you. While you are searching for God to fulfill your dreams, He actually is looking to awaken you to His. Discover how recognizing God’s work in our lives is important for us to discover the point of our lives and of our purpose.

“No” to Fear

Becoming Free From Fear 2 Timothy 1:7 AMP Fear is powerful and has a great impact on people’s lives often keeping them from God’s best. Despite the fact that fear is common you can be free from its grasp. Learn more in this powerful message on how to say “no” to fear.


Guessing Won’t Get You There A pointer can be a sign or advice given to you in order to direct you in a certain way. As you pursue your God given purpose, simply guessing won’t get you where you are supposed to God. There are some pointers in our lives like parents, peers and passions but these things are limited in their ability to connect you with God’s best for your life. So what does God provide to point us…

Issues of the Heart

From the Heart Flows the Issues of Life 1 Samuel 16:6-7 NKJV When God chose David to be king over Israel, He revealed that He examines our hearts. God didn’t just look at hearts then, He is also looking at our hearts now. Because of this, we too should examine our hearts. Discover the kind of heart that pleases God and how you can protect your heart against the enemy of your soul.

Take a Stand

Posturing Ourselves for More Ephesians 6:13 NKJV Our posture says a lot about what we are expecting. What we posture ourselves in faith determines what we will receive. In this message, learn some important ways that we posture ourselves for the things that God has for our future.


What Direction Are You Taking in Life? Isaiah 50:7 NLT, Luke 9:51 NKJV The direction that you are pointed in will determine the direction in which you will go. God is leading and directing us to the place where He has appointed for us but we often turn back and head for the familiar. Discover how to realign your focus and get pointed in the direction of God’s purpose for your life in this timely message.